At Long Last, Lands of Lore Lands on

I promise that I will never probably never again alliterate so much in a future article headline. The excitement of today’s new release on simply has me giddy. As you may (but probably don’t) remember, I got my hopes up for a re-release of Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny back in August when Good Old Games announced that they had secured a partnership with EA Games. I have since checked the site religiously on Tuesdays and Thursdays for news of the games release. This morning, at 5:30 AM my eyes happily landed on an announcement that not only has released LOL2, they have packaged it with the original title, Throne of Chaos, and priced the package at the killer deal of $5.99. As is always the case with GOG, the title is free from DRM and remains permanently in one’s account after the purchase is made.

While I will be (re)purchasing the title as soon as my next paycheck rolls around, the true irony–and I use the word in a colloquial sense rather than a literary one–is that the game has arrived just days after Skyrim, which has and will continue to absorb every minute of time that I have to spare for the coming months. In fact,  if I can pry my self from the world of Nirn for an hour or so, I will be typing up a review of the latest Elder Scrolls title for all of you to enjoy. For those of you looking for a fantasy RPG fix who aren’t able to purchase Skyrim or simply do not have any interest in the title, head over to right now and pick up one of Westwood Studios’ greatest.

2 thoughts on “At Long Last, Lands of Lore Lands on

  1. Solid Snake

    Here’s a Chinese riddle for you. How will you ever get to that big ass backlog of games you have yet to play if you keep adding new stuff to the list? I bet the ONLY game you will actually put Skyrim down to play is Mass Effect 3, and we all know it ain’t coming out for a few months still. Shame shame Mr. I have no time for games anymore.

    On a sad note, RIP GamePro, how you used to bring me reading pleasure before the joys of the internet.

    1. Ashton Post author

      I think I know who this is! I’ve made quite a dent in my backlog, I’ll have you know. I just have to prioritize them now with school and work. You’re right about one thing, though, Skyrim is getting my devoted attention during my gaming time.

      I heard about GamePro. They were one of the first gaming mags that I ever subscribed to. Those were simpler times.

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