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Kickstarter Status: Hero-U

Okay, readers, it’s go time. The Kickstarter campaign for Lori and Cori Cole’s new game, Hero-U, just seven days shy of completion, but they still have a ways to go to reach the $400,000 goal that will  guarantee the game’s release (right now they’re at about 60%).  Trust me on this, these guys know what they’re doing in the way of game development and I have full faith in their ability to make a humorous game that is addictive, challenging, and, most of all, unique. If you haven’t pledged already, head over there now and secure your copy of the game. For a little extra, you can even secure  a copy of the game’s sequel! We just have to get this one made first.

Lindsey Sterling Does AC3 Music and Cosplay

Many of you may already be familiar with Lindsey Stirling, the former America’s Got Talent quarter-finalist turned YouTube sensation who combines hip-hop and pseudo-ballet dancing with her beautiful violin arrangements. Stirling is a BYU alum (or at least a former student) and while I hate (but not really) BYU with a passion (GO UTES!), I could probably hit the school with a stone if I stood outside my office and so I sort-of feel like she’s family. She has done a handful of video game music covers, including an awesome rendition of the Skyrim theme with Peter Hollens, but I have to admit I have formed an addiction to her latest, a terrific arrangement of the Assassin’s Creed 3 theme. Check it out below:

Anyone Else Ready for Another Mass Effect

IGN just reported that BioWare has a new Mass Effect game in the works, though it is currently in very early stages. Casey Hudson unofficially confirmed the project via this tweet, though speculation has been flying around since, well, Mass Effect 3 launched earlier this year. What would you like to see in the next entry in the venerable space opera franchise?

[Via IGN]

N7 Day

Happy N7 Day, everyone! Today marks the 5-year anniversary of the release of the original Mass Effect (one of my all-time favorite games). BioWare is celebrating the occasion with a few different events including in-game rewards for anyone who logs into ME3 mutliplayer. You can learn more about the festivities over at their official page:

Hero-U Kickstarter is Live (Updated)

I’ll be coming back to this in more depth a little bit later, but I had to get the word out that the Hero-U Kickstarter page is up and pending approval before it goes live. Those of us anticipating the games release can get a look at some of the game’s early artwork, some awesome music in the Kickstarter teaser trailer, and some insight into how the final game will play. Of course, you can also check out all of the awesome rewards the team has planned for backers. At $50, they’ll even throw in the entire QFG collection so head over there and check it out. Now!


Update: As of this update, $110,082 have been pledged to the cause which is little more than 25% of the ultimate goal, $400k. There are still 28 days left in the campaign, but these guys really need our support to get the game off the ground. Really, if you’re not sure they deserve it (c’mon, $25 nabs you the full game!) seriously–SERIOUSLY–check out Quest for Glory. Whether you buy the collection at GOG or just download the free remake of QFG 2 over at AGDI, I promise it’s worth at least a fraction of your time.

Update #2: If you haven’t seen them already, check out the Hero-U reward tiers in this nifty new video:



And Now I Know my Class for Project Eternity

Obsidian’s Kickstarter campaign for Project Eternity crossed the $2.7 million line last night marking the achievement of the latest stretch goal which will add two new classes to the old-school RPG: Chanters and (far more importantly) Paladins. I first fell in love with paladins in my Quest for Glory.

In the series, the paladin was a semi-secret character class that could only be played through the import function for which QFG is famous. The paladins of Glorianna were not the religious warriors of D&D, though the latter was most definitely the inspiration of the former, but were instead considered the truest of heroes. They were guided by honor, a stat that meant relatively little to the other classes, and combated the forces of evil with their magic-imbued blades that glowed with blue fire.

I loved the paladin class so much that I actually incorporated his way of life into my own personal moral code. Even today when I am faced with a dilemma, I will ask myself, “How would a paladin face this situation?” It’s corny, I know, but it’s totally true.

Since QFG, the paladin class has become my go-to in nearly every subsequent RPG that I’ve played. For example, I played through Baldur’s Gate as a paladin, then switched to the amazing Inquisitor, a paladin kit, for Baldur’s Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights, my week with WOW; I even preferred the Humans in Warcraft 3 because of their paladin hero.

Anyway, what I’m getting at here is that I now know with a certainty that paladins are going to be a playable class in Project Eternity, and you can safely bet that I’ll be taking one from start to finish once the game launches next year (assuming they make the original release window).

Incoming Posts and Strategy

So school is in full swing and for the first time since I married, I am a full-time student. I’m also a full-time employee with, so my schedule has grown tighter than ever before. Add to that my aspirations for grad school (I’m looking at you University of Utah MFA program!) and the impending birth of my first baby, and I am truly stretching every hour of my day to its limit. That said, I have realized that my blog has grown cold and stale in spite of my earlier pledge that I would not allow that happen. Lori Cole (a personal hero of mine) linked to my blog over the weekend from the Hero-U Facebook page, and I was ecstatic, but also a tad embarrassed as the post to which they linked was over 4 months old.

Fortunately, most of my personal goals intertwine with one another and I am realizing more and more the importance of keeping at this site. I have a lot of big plans for future updates including some functionality that I would like to add to the site and maybe even an official logo. But, I would like to hear what my readers would like to see more of. I have realized that I can’t possibly remain on the cutting edge of video game news, but I can and will voice my opinion on major happenings in the gaming world. Any ideas for future articles?

A friend of mine over at wrote an article about Super geeks that I have considered a great deal over the past few weeks. She talked about the individuals who find the time to play seemingly every major game release, watch every episode of [insert awesome SciFi TV series title here] , and still play D&D with their buddies on weekends and questioned where they found the time. If there are any super geeks looking at this page, I’d really like to know the answer.

Finally, you might have noticed that I said I had a baby on the way. My wife and I struggled to conceive a child for over two years before a doctor confirmed that it just wasn’t going to happen without medical assistance. We turned to Dr. Foulk over at the Utah Fertility Center who truly worked up a medical miracle for us. More on that later.

Sound off in the comment section below about what you would like to see written!

Exciting Things are About to Happen Thanks to Kickstarter

I had to steal a break from my constant stream of homework to tell you all (you, being my loyal readers, of course) about a couple of new projects in the gaming world that are currently getting kick-started on, well, Kickstarter. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks–or just don’t really stay on top of your gaming news, I suppose–these projects are going to sound like old news to you. However, these two games have skyrocketed to the top of my most anticipated games list, the one that I keep in my mind at any rate. Continue reading


Ladies and gentleman, today GOG has re-released one of, if not, my all time favorite series, Sierra’s Quest for Glory. If you’ve never played or heard of the classic adventure/RPG series, see one of my earliest articles detailing QFGIV as one of the greatest games of all time. They’re selling all 5 games for $9.99 right now, a steal when you consider how much content you’re getting between them. Combine the package with AGD Interactive’s excellent re-make of QFGII, and you’ll have well more than a weekend worth of pure, old-school gaming bliss ahead of you.