Becoming the Married-Gamer-Father

So, faithful readers, you probably have noticed that it’s been a long while since I last made a post–roughly 53 days, if I’m not mistaken–and perhaps you were wondering whether or not I had dropped dead in my favorite gaming chair, my face buried somewhere between the A and D keys of my mechanical keyboard. Well, wonder no more! My (most recent) hiatus was caused by nothing so macabre as all that. Quite the contrary, something wonderful has happened. On November 28th, my wife gave birth to our first baby, a daughter whom we have named Milleigh (pronounced “mill-lee”) in honor of both her mother and her mother’s mother.

Between gaming, diapers, and finals, it turned out that my time was spread paper-thin and I was presented with the interesting dilemma over Christmas break of whether to invest my time in playing games or writing about them. Naturally, I favored the former, although I didn’t get nearly as much time to invest in gaming as I would have liked. That said, Steam’s annual holiday sale has added a substantial chunk of games to my backlog, not to mention the sales held on Xbox LIVE, Amazon, and Over the past month, I managed to rack up the following titles:

  • Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2
  • Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2–Chaos Rising
  • Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2–Retribution
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Sins of a Solar Empire–Rebellion
  • FTL: Faster Than Light
  • The Walking Dead (Xbox)
  • The Last Story (Wii)

By my count, that’s a metric buttload of hours worth of fun on top of the games I have been working on for the past several years including a few very old titles–I swear I’ll beat Final Fantasy XII one of these days–and Halo 4’s terrific multi-player which has renewed my interest in online competitive gaming.

Oh, I also start school again today!

I guess the long and short of it is that I have plenty to do over the next few months, but I also intend to give this site its due with a newly formulated writing schedule. I have been working on a face lift for the site, for one, though I’m running into some trouble caused by my entirely n00bish site design experience, and I also have a lot of ideas for feature articles. In the near future, look for my reflections on Skyrim a year after its release and what I would like to see from future Elder Scrolls titles, a creative nonfiction piece about the interesting relationship of the player to gaming narrative, some long overdue additions to my Greatest Games of All Time series, and maybe even a review or two.

In the meantime, I want to hear from you. What titles did you acquire over the holidays? What does your backlog look like and what are you playing right this second?

5 thoughts on “Becoming the Married-Gamer-Father

  1. Bekah

    Yea, babies! This is the first post I’ve read of yours, Married Gamer Daddy, and to answer your closing questions, I’ve recently been musing over pulling my Wii out of storage and starting up Twilight Princess again, or resurrecting Curse of Monkey Island, but other then that I’m woefully under-gamed. I need to step it up a notch :( Your playlist looks super exciting. Do you watch Walking Dead too?

    1. Ashton Post author

      I think a little Curse of Monkey Island sounds like an awesome idea! Do you still have your copy somewhere?

      I have seen the first couple episodes of Walking Dead and thought they were really cool, I just never have the time for TV anymore. Are you a fan?

    1. Ashton Post author

      I know, it really is about time that I pick it up. I haven’t actually started it yet, but I plan to as soon as I get a break from school. Do you recommend a particular style of gameplay? Naturally, I was planning a stealth route.

      1. Solid Snake

        Stealth is the way I went, I keep saying I’m gonna get the DLC and replay it, but something new always come out that takes my attention.

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