Exciting Things are About to Happen Thanks to Kickstarter

I had to steal a break from my constant stream of homework to tell you all (you, being my loyal readers, of course) about a couple of new projects in the gaming world that are currently getting kick-started on, well, Kickstarter. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks–or just don’t really stay on top of your gaming news, I suppose–these projects are going to sound like old news to you. However, these two games have skyrocketed to the top of my most anticipated games list, the one that I keep in my mind at any rate.

First, you all know my love for Quest for Glory, the old-school Sierra point-and-click adventure meets RPG that played a pivotal roll in my passion for video games. Well, QFG creators Lori and Corey Cole have announced that they have a new project in the works under the name Hero-U which appears to be an overarching title for the series set to revolve around the Hogwarts-esque School for Heroes. The first title in the series is set to follow a roguish character as you can see from the brief description on their homepage:

The Hero-U combines turn-based, tactical combat and dungeon exploration with rich character interactions, challenging puzzles, and an immersive story. Acclaimed game designers Corey and Lori Cole – creators of the award-winning Quest for Glory series and Castle of Dr. Brain – take you on an epic role-playing journey.

Your life has not been an easy one. Caught red-handed during your thieves’ guild initiation, you have a seemingly-easy choice – Go to reform school or rot away in prison. The teachers and students are intent on making your life a living hell, while trouble lurks in the catacombs below. It’d help if you didn’t need to worry about being killed and passing midterms.

Corey and Lori Cole have assembled a star development team featuring Brawsome, developers of the award winning MacGuffin’s Curse and Jolly Rover. The School for Heroes features:

  1. Tactical combat, where player choices make a real difference
  2. Branching conversations that affect your relationship with other characters
  3. Characters with unique personalities and their own agendas
  4. Challenging puzzles that are an important, organic part of the story
  5. Meaningful choices between exploration, study, and social interaction

The Kickstarter campaign is set to begin on October 19th and will run for a full month.

The other project that I wanted to discuss with you all is a little something in the works from a company called Obsidian Entertainment, you know, that group made up in no small part by former members of legendary studio Black Isle. Obsidian is a big name in RPG, and one that has always surprised me with their talent for story writing and capable handling of existing IPs. Their most recent success, Fallout: New Vegas, has been widely received as a terrific follow-up to Fallout 3 and a suitable addition to the franchise. Who would have expected any less from some of the guys who created the series in the first place?
In the past, I made the mistake of thinking of Obsidian Entertainment as BioWare’s little brother. I had loved Black Isle before its closure for titles such as Icewind Dale 2 and their involvement with Baldur’s Gate. I even pre-ordered and picked up the ill-fated Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader. I had hotly anticipated the release of the game, but I guess I was the only one because the guy at GameStop looked at me like an idiot when I swung by to pick it up. Lionheart got a lot wrong, but it had a ton of potential that continues to pique my interest even today. Following the closure of Black Isle, Obsidian Entertainment built a reputation through its phenomenal handling of KOTOR 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2.

Project Eternity is only Obsidian’s second crack at an original IP, but its already building tons of steam at Kickstarter. The classically styled isometric RPG is definitely getting made, but Obsidian is making the most of the remaining 23 days in their Kickstarter campaign. As funding increases, they are planning to more playable races, companions, and locations to the game. Even more awesome, the game is anticipated to launch for PC, Mac, and Linux–right, Linux!–next year. If you have any interest in RPGs at all, you owe it to yourself to check Project Eternity out.

Hero-U [Originally via Kotaku.com]

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