Four in February–Success!

Have you all heard about Four in February? According to the official Facebook page, it’s “an initiative that encourages you to beat four video games in February.” The group was started in order to encourage gamers to bunker down over the last month of winter and make a dent in their gaming backlogs. You know, those games we all own and intend to beat, even the ones that are potentially years old at this point. *cough* Final Fantasy XII *cough* Odin Sphere *cough*

It’s a really neat idea, one that I originally read about on Kotaku a few weeks back. I meant to tell my readers about it then, but, you know, disappeared for several weeks as is my way. Since that time, however, I’ve joined the FB group and selected four games from my backlog to work on:

1. Dragon Age Origins
2. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
3. Red Dead Redemption
4. Dragon Age 2

You see, I keep a list of about 24 games that I want to play through to completion, and I figured that this would serve as ample motivation for me to actually focus on wiping a few of them from the list rather than game-hopping as my mood dictates. You’ll notice that my number one title, Dragon Age: Origins, is actually crossed off.

That’s right. Mission accomplished, baby.

DA:O was actually a title I had been working on for some time and one that I had already completed once before including the expansion, Awakening, on the Xbox 360 some time ago. I had wanted to buy the game for PC when it was originally released in ’09, but lacked the hardware to run it. The entire time I was playing the console version, I felt as though I were experiencing a lesser version of the game. It was good, mind you, but it didn’t live up to the whole “spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate” thing that BioWare promised at its inception. Fortunately, the complete version of the game including the expansion and every piece of DLC went on sale on Amazon last summer for roughly $5, and I jumped at the chance to play the game as it was intended.

Well, count that game vanquished once more! I have successfully taken a Dalish rogue from his humble beginnings with the Grey Wardens through to Andraste knows where with Morrigan, the Witch of the Wilds. I have since imported my game into DAII and fully intend to complete the admittedly lesser title this time around (my third or fourth attempt).

Unfortunately, I don’t anticipate that I’ll find the time to scratch any more titles from my list by the month’s end. It was a fun experiment nonetheless and one that led to some fruition. If you missed your shot at Four in February this year, head over to their page and sign up now. It’s never too early to start planning for next year (or take a week off work and cram for these last three days of the month).

So how about it, gamers? How are your backlogs looking and what are you doing to tackle them?

Four in February | Originally via Kotaku

10 thoughts on “Four in February–Success!

  1. Justin Fisher

    Someday I’ll have to try Dragon Age: Origins on a PC, because I was definitely less than impressed with the console version. You definitely need to get on Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, it’s fantastic.

    1. Ashton Post author

      I think you would have loved the game on PC, especially because you have history with Baldur’s Gate. Dragon Age definitely feels more . . . right when you can pull back to a tactical, isometric perspective. One of my chief complaints about DA2 is that they removed this feature and made the game feel more ironically console-centric.

      Brotherhood has probably become my favorite game in the series thus far. It’s a real shame that I haven’t finished it yet. I’m far enough into it, though, that I think I can hammer the rest of the game out with a good weekend or two of game time.

  2. Sam Leung

    That would have been a lot of fun to take part it in, wish I would have seen it sooner! Ah well, there’s always next year.
    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have quite the backlog of games to play, like most gamers I suspect. I try not to start any other games until I’ve finished one and tend to play quite intensively once I’ve started a game until I’ve finished it or decided that I don’t like it enough to continue and that seems to work pretty well for me. Of course, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of old games I want to play either!

    1. Ashton Post author

      That’s definitely part of the problem. Once you “finish” a good game, you’re never really done with it, right? If I started keeping track of all the games that I want to re-play, my backlog would appear even more unmanageable.

  3. Shantell Herrmann

    I would like you to check out a game. It is still in it’s pre-alpha state and is currently looking for financial backing with some perks being offered like your own island, Vindicator or Verrator, etc. I believe it has EPIC potential! The game is Divergence. The Indie link is from there they have 3 YouTube videos.

    1. Ashton Post author

      I know! I actually think FFXII was the best of the PS2 era. At the very least, it’s among the most underrated of the series. I’ve probably sunk 50+ hours into the game since I picked it up at launch (I even got the tin-boxed collector’s edition which was exclusive to Gamestop), but I’ve never managed to complete the game. I was disappointed that they abandoned all of the new gameplay mechanics by the time XIII rolled out, too.

      From a story standpoint, though, how do you think it ranks up to the other titles?

      1. Shaun

        Well, I’m afraid I’m in a minority on this, but i actually LOVE the story. I think it’s a lot more personal, and while there are definitely some slow parts, Ashe as a character completely fascinated me. I think she’s one of the most fleshed out, dynamic character in the entire series. While it doesn’t reach the heights of maybe VI or IX, it’s one of my favorites in the series, and a hell of a lot better than the incomprehensible disaster of a mess that was XIII.

        1. Ashton Post author

          Hearing you say that about Ashe really makes me want to play to the game’s end now. I did really like that Ashe didn’t devolve into a love interest for Vaan (something that I had anticipated before the game’s release). She seemed very independent, and I liked that about her. Balthier also seems like a really timeless character, though that may be at least partially because his English voice actor, Gideon Emery.

          Anyway, I’m totally going to finish the game this summer and I’ll make sure I hit you up when I do!

          1. Shaun

            Yeah, Balthier is great as well. I think Ashe is just a great example of a strong female character that you don’t always get in gaming. Yes, please do!

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