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One of the Best Games I Never Played has Finally Come to PSN

I’m a little slow on the upkeep, but I felt like I should announce to my legions of readers that Kotaku just reported that¬†Chrono Cross, one of the best RPGs originally released for the original PlayStation, is now available for purchase on PSN. As someone who never actually owned a PlayStation, I missed out on the game when it was released back in ’98. Money’s tight now, but this is certainly something I will have to look forward to once I have finished with Skyrim. So in a year or so.

Coincidentally, I have been listening to the Chrono Cross¬†soundtrack via YouTube a lot lately. I know it’s strange, listening to the soundtrack of a game I’ve never played, but I think it is a testament to the quality of the game’s music. I’ve recently fallen in love with this cover of one of the games more famous numbers . . .