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Spirit of Compassion

On a cloudless night west of Gwaren, two figures met in the darkness. The two men clutched their cloaks tightly around themselves against the night’s chill, their breath rising in the moonlight. “Wintermarch is fast approaching, Captain,” said Ser Presten, breaking the silence at last. “If your man does not return soon, I fear we will celebrate the First Day in the forest.”

Ser Kellin laughed. “You are not normally one so prone to hyperbole, Knight-Commander. You truly must hate the cold. It is a wonder that you ever chose to move so close to the sea. Gwaren nights set a chill to one’s bones even in the midst of Solace.”

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Dragon Age Fanfiction Contest Winners Announced

Hey everyone,

BioWare recently held a fanfiction writing contest to celebrate the launch of lead-writer David Gaider’s new book, Dragon Age: Asunder. Gaider and the “Writers Pit” at BioWare personally read through roughly 400 entries including my own and hand-picked their favorite twenty. The top five are to receive signed copies of the new novel, and the winning entry by Kilyra (BioWare community alias) titled “Last Strands of Childhood” earned him/her a slew of Dragon Age II themed gear from Razer.

Ever since I made my submission to the contest at the beginning of January, I have been checking the BioWare blog and social site religiously. I’ll admit that I even got my hopes up. In fact, I was all but certain that I would crack the top 5. Today, however, I am reminded of the importance of humility. There’s always the next writing contest. In the meantime, I’m going to read over some of the winning entries. I’ll also be posting my own entry for your reading pleasure. I would truly appreciate any feedback that my readers would be willing to offer.