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Becoming the Married-Gamer-Father

So, faithful readers, you probably have noticed that it’s been a long while since I last made a post–roughly 53 days, if I’m not mistaken–and perhaps you were wondering whether or not I had dropped dead in my favorite gaming chair, my face buried somewhere between the A and D keys of my mechanical keyboard. Well, wonder no more! My (most recent) hiatus was caused by nothing so macabre as all that. Quite the contrary, something wonderful has happened. On November 28th, my wife gave birth to our first baby, a daughter whom we have named Milleigh (pronounced “mill-lee”) in honor of both her mother and her mother’s mother.

Between gaming, diapers, and finals, it turned out that my time was spread paper-thin and I was presented with the interesting dilemma over Christmas break of whether to invest my time in playing games or writing about them. Continue reading