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Hypothetical Question

In my youth, my friends and I used to enjoy posing binary hypothetical questions to one another. The deeper and more thought-provoking the better, although there were always a few throw-aways. For instance, would you rather have the power to fly or invisibility? It’s neither all that thought-provoking nor original, but it’s fun to think about, no? It’s been a while since I thought about a good one, but a thought crossed my mind which I think I would like to incorporate into a writing project I’m working on for school. I thought I’d seek some input from the visitors that sometimes get lost in Google and end up in my site by mistake (because those are really my only readers).

So here goes, given the opportunity to start your life over at a moment in your past and assuming that you could choose to either change decisions you made in your past or simply relive them, would you choose to take your current memories with you, or would you opt to leave them behind (or ahead, as I guess is more appropriate here)? Keep in mind, altering a past life-choice could potentially change everything. You could lose all that you hold dear today. Maintaining your memory of how things could have been and were might be torturous. Let me know what you think in the comments.