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Thanks Kikoskia!

As of late, I have been feeling an itch for some nostalgic Lands of Lore action. For those of you who don’t know it, Lands of Lore was an RPG series created by the legendary Westwood Studios before their acquisition by EA. Westwood made a number of my favorite childhood computer series including Lands of Lore, The Legend of Kyrandia, and, most famously, Command & Conquer. While “Fables and Fiends: The Legend of Kryandia” was my introduction to Westwood, and I was a big fan of the Command & Conquer series for a number of years, I consider the “Lands of Lore” series to be one of their most under-appreciated.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the means to play any of the games, nor do I really have the time (although I would definitely make time for “Guardians of Destiny” if it ever came to GOG.com). I was caught in something of a conundrum. That’s when Kikoskia and his “Let’s Play” channel on YouTube came to the rescue. I have never before given “LP”s a second thought, but Kikoskia’s charming, English narration and his love for the series helped me to satisfy my yearning to return to the lands of lore. I just opened up his play lists in the order of my most favorite game in the series to least (2, 1, 3), and let them play through my headphones while I worked throughout the day. It was terrific! The game’s sounds and dialogue whisked me back to my younger days, and Kikoskia’s narration kept me in the game without needing to actually see it. He felt like a kindred spirit, as if I was watching listening to an old friend play the game. I highly recommend you check his channel out if you have ever had an interest.


Update – Alright, I admit that Lands of Lore 3 was actually my second-favorite in the series. I felt I needed to lie before because I know that the game is technically much, much worse than the first. Chalk it up to nostalgia. As a kid, I fell in love with the guilds and familiars of the third game. It’s a real shame the development was rushed.