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Games of E3s Past–Mass Effect (2006)

E3 2013 has come to its end and the gaming world is returning to its day-to-day life. As I do every year, I saw a lot (secondhand, mind you, I’m nowhere near established enough financially or otherwise to actually get into E3) to really excite me about the future of gaming. In my last post, I shared my favorite announcements and trailers to come out of E3, and invited you all to do the same. Today, I started reminiscing about games of E3s past and thought, “Hey, that could make for a fun article series.”

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Anyone Else Ready for Another Mass Effect

IGN just reported that BioWare has a new Mass Effect game in the works, though it is currently in very early stages. Casey Hudson unofficially confirmed the project via this tweet, though speculation has been flying around since, well, Mass Effect 3 launched earlier this year. What would you like to see in the next entry in the venerable space opera franchise?

[Via IGN]

N7 Day

Happy N7 Day, everyone! Today marks the 5-year anniversary of the release of the original Mass Effect (one of my all-time favorite games). BioWare is celebrating the occasion with a few different events including in-game rewards for anyone who logs into ME3 mutliplayer. You can learn more about the festivities over at their official page: