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Square Enix Music Back on iTunes

About a year ago, I was browsing through the iTunes library looking for some awesome and nostalgic video game music to get me through the year. I eventually made my way to Square Enix’s collection deciding that, after making my way for the umpteenth time through the OSTs for both Final Fantasy VII and FFVIII plus their spin-off collections (i.e. piano collections, etc.), it was high time I pick up the OST to FFIX. I found it easily enough, but alas, the full album was outside of my budget. I couldn’t bring myself to pick the watered-down American version of the album, I wanted the full Japanese collection.

I resolved to hold off on the music until I had some more iTunes credit. At the time, I was winning iTunes gift cards with some regularity through various competitions at work so I figured it would not be too long a wait. My patience paid off because Continue reading

Lindsey Sterling Does AC3 Music and Cosplay

Many of you may already be familiar with Lindsey Stirling, the former America’s Got Talent quarter-finalist turned YouTube sensation who combines hip-hop and pseudo-ballet dancing with her beautiful violin arrangements. Stirling is a BYU alum (or at least a former student) and while I hate (but not really) BYU with a passion (GO UTES!), I could probably hit the school with a stone if I stood outside my office and so I sort-of feel like she’s family. She has done a handful of video game music covers, including an awesome rendition of the Skyrim theme with Peter Hollens, but I have to admit I have formed an addiction to her latest, a terrific arrangement of the Assassin’s Creed 3 theme. Check it out below: