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Hypothetical Question

In my youth, my friends and I used to enjoy posing binary hypothetical questions to one another. The deeper and more thought-provoking the better, although there were always a few throw-aways. For instance, would you rather have the power to fly or invisibility? It’s neither all that thought-provoking nor original, but it’s fun to think about, no? It’s been a while since I thought about a good one, but a thought crossed my mind which I think I would like to incorporate into a writing project I’m working on for school. I thought I’d seek some input from the visitors that sometimes get lost in Google and end up in my site by mistake (because those are really my only readers).

So here goes, given the opportunity to start your life over at a moment in your past and assuming that you could choose to either change decisions you made in your past or simply relive them, would you choose to take your current memories with you, or would you opt to leave them behind (or ahead, as I guess is more appropriate here)? Keep in mind, altering a past life-choice could potentially change everything. You could lose all that you hold dear today. Maintaining your memory of how things could have been and were might be torturous. Let me know what you think in the comments.

The Other Married Gamer in our Home

A good friend of mine lent me his copy of Assassin’s Creed 2 a while back, and I’ve finally found the time to really sink my teeth into it. While I enjoyed the first game a great deal, its more redundant features certainly wore on me as time went by. When AC2 originally came out, I was interested in giving the franchise another shot, but time had become too precious a commodity for the title.

Time is still a precious commodity, but I have thankfully found enough of it to unwind with a good game now and then. Ubisoft really did go the extra mile with AC2 by improving upon just about every facet of the original. I’m nearly through the game now, and I’m excited to give Brotherhood a shot before the next sequel, Revelations, becomes available this fall.

As it turns out, someone else in my house has found enjoyment with the title, my wife. She’s not the type of person one would normally consider a “gamer,” although she’s certainly enjoyed her share of Mario and some more casual titles (especially Plants vs. Zombies). Whenever I have attempted to introduce her to a more hardcore title such as Mass Effect, her interest has almost immediately diminished once she found that she couldn’t jump in the game. Assassin’s Creed, however, is a franchise built upon mobility and as such, it seems right up her alley. This past week, I enjoyed giving her game advice from work (she works much earlier than I do) via text while she stealthily rid Renaissance Italy of Templar conspirators.

I think we all feel a certain euphoria in sharing our interests with the people we love. The dearer that interest, the more fun it is to share it. It’s that feeling which drives us to brag about our taste in music, literature, movies, or sports to everyone we know. I doubt that my wife and I will be diving into Skyrim together this fall, but it sure is a blast to see her taste even a sample of what it is that I love so much about games.

Ommwriter – The Only Distraction-Free Writing Tool I Need

Back in November, introduced me to the concept of distraction-free writing tools. Traditionally, I have always composed my writing on a traditional word processor like MS Word. I quickly fell in love with the idea of writing creatively in an environment that didn’t tempt me to turn my attention elsewhere. More so, I fell in love with Ommwriter. Unfortunately, Ommwriter was exclusively available to Mac users at the time. As a dedicated gamer, I have never been able to justify the purchase of a Mac PC, so I was heartbroken.

My potential salvation was delivered by Ommwriter’s FAQ page which explained that a Windows version of the software was in development. In true core gamer fashion, I dug up every detail I could regarding the development. I wanted to know how far along the development was, what features the Windows version would include, the cost of the software, and anything else I could learn. I even wrote to Ommwriter expressing my interest and enthusiasm for the project.

My message paid off because some time later, Ommwriter invited me to beta test the software. It truly was everything I could have hoped for. Conceptually, Ommwriter is a simple word editor, hardly more powerful than Notepad. Practically, it is so much more than that. The software creates a writing environment which is built from the ground up to inspire. The minimalistic visuals, music, and sound are collectively conducive to creative writing. In fact, I won’t free write in anything else now.

Ommwriter is now available for free trial at their site. If you have any interest whatsoever in distraction-free writing environments, check them out!

Returning to the Blog and Revamping

So I disappeared for a while there. Now, I know that there weren’t a lot of people out there who even noticed, that’s part of the reason why I disappeared in the first place. It can be hard to remain motivated to write on a blog when your site peaked out at 23 unique visitors, but I remembered a very important lesson. I didn’t start this blog up because I wanted to become another internet sensation. If I had wanted that, I would have half-written a terrible song about my favorite day of the week. Well, that probably wouldn’t have worked either. Lightning only strikes once, y’know. Lousy Rebecca Black . . .

In any case, I’m back, and I’m re-committed to this blog for reasons that are all my own. I have also decided to broaden the focus of my writing. Gaming blogs are a dime a dozen, so I want to bring something unique to the table. That something, I’ve decided, is going to have to be me, myself, and every saspect that makes me the individual I am. Do not fret, faithful readers, I don’t intend to stop writing about gaming–I am the (i.e. one of many) married gamer, after all. Simply expect more articles related to writing, itself, married life, life in general, literature, and music. I’m thinking something more inline with, a charming blog written by another gamer in a committed relationship (with famed game designer Cliff Bleszinski). If anyone has any specific requests for me, ask away in the comments!