Dragon Age Fanfiction Contest Winners Announced

Hey everyone,

BioWare recently held a fanfiction writing contest to celebrate the launch of lead-writer David Gaider’s new book, Dragon Age: Asunder. Gaider and the “Writers Pit” at BioWare personally read through roughly 400 entries including my own and hand-picked their favorite twenty. The top five are to receive signed copies of the new novel, and the winning entry by Kilyra (BioWare community alias) titled “Last Strands of Childhood” earned him/her a slew of Dragon Age II themed gear from Razer.

Ever since I made my submission to the contest at the beginning of January, I have been checking the BioWare blog and social site religiously. I’ll admit that I even got my hopes up. In fact, I was all but certain that I would crack the top 5. Today, however, I am reminded of the importance of humility. There’s always the next writing contest. In the meantime, I’m going to read over some of the winning entries. I’ll also be posting my own entry for your reading pleasure. I would truly appreciate any feedback that my readers would be willing to offer.

15 thoughts on “Dragon Age Fanfiction Contest Winners Announced

  1. Solid Snake

    Beat the demo and it has me psyched for the game. Multiplayer was pretty good, just weird since it’s never been done before.

    1. Ashton Post author

      I have it downloaded and ready to go but I haven’t been able to try it. That’s what I’ll be doing this weekend, though. I can’t wait for that game to launch next month.

    1. Ashton Post author

      I saw this on IGN a few weeks back and I was stoked. It doesn’t look like they’re hiring any writers. I imagine that since Kojima writes so much of the content himself, his writing crew is pretty set in stone. Have you heard the rumors of a new MGS (not Rising) coming out?

  2. Solid Snake

    Yeah I heard it’s supposed to be using that new FOX engine, but that’s all I know. Damn ME3 is F’ing AWESOME and I hate it I can only play it on the weekends when I go home. We should get together and play some multiplayer whenever you get a headset.

    1. Ashton Post author

      After Sunday, I dug through my old Xbox stuff and I found my Halo 2 headset that should work just fine. I’m totally up for some MP. I’m really loving ME3 too, and you know I can’t blame you for wanting more time with the game. I’ve put 10 hours into it so far, which isn’t half-bad for me. Are you still playing as a soldier?

      1. Solid Snake

        You know it!! Also in multiplayer although I do have a Salarian that I sometimes use and a Turian soldier I have yet to try. I’ll have to try and coordinate a time to link up with you on multiplayer. I hope they patch the game so I can import my faces from Mass Effect 1. Right now I’m playing with the guy I created with the graphic novel in ME2.

        1. Ashton Post author

          That glitch is truly terrible! I can’t believe they didn’t catch it pre-launch. Rather, I can’t believe they didn’t fix it pre-launch, I’m sure they knew all about it. I haven’t even touched MP, but I’d love to play as a Krogan. I was disappointed that I didn’t have the option to play as a Krogan battlemaster, though. I guess that would throw off balance.

  3. Solid Snake

    If people don’t shut up about the ending I’m gonna scream. I mean damn, some of us haven’t beaten the game yet. I don’t know what happens, and I DON’T wanna know what happens til I beat it myself.

    1. Ashton Post author

      Believe me, I know. People who haven’t even played the game have come up to me saying, “So did you hear about the Mass Effect 3 ending?” It’s frustrating to say the least.

  4. Solid Snake

    So I beat ME3 and yeah, I was disappointed. I’ll play it again with my other Shepards, but only after they patch it so their faces will import. Let me know when you beat it so we can compare notes.

    1. Ashton Post author

      I saw that you had beaten it and was going to ask you about it. I probably still have a good ways to go, I’m about 30 hours in, but I’m going to try and rush it as much as possible before everything is spoiled for me. It sounds like BioWare’s already working on some new content to expand on the ending, though.

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