Hero-U Kickstarter is Live (Updated)

I’ll be coming back to this in more depth a little bit later, but I had to get the word out that the Hero-U Kickstarter page is up and pending approval before it goes live. Those of us anticipating the games release can get a look at some of the game’s early artwork, some awesome music in the Kickstarter teaser trailer, and some insight into how the final game will play. Of course, you can also check out all of the awesome rewards the team has planned for backers. At $50, they’ll even throw in the entire QFG collection so head over there and check it out. Now!

Via Hero-U.net

Update: As of this update, $110,082 have been pledged to the cause which is little more than 25% of the ultimate goal, $400k. There are still 28 days left in the campaign, but these guys really need our support to get the game off the ground. Really, if you’re not sure they deserve it (c’mon, $25 nabs you the full game!) seriously–SERIOUSLY–check out Quest for Glory. Whether you buy the collection at GOG¬†or just download the free remake of QFG 2 over at AGDI, I promise it’s worth at least a fraction of your time.

Update #2: If you haven’t seen them already, check out the Hero-U reward tiers in this nifty new video: