Incoming Posts and Strategy

So school is in full swing and for the first time since I married, I am a full-time student. I’m also a full-time employee with, so my schedule has grown tighter than ever before. Add to that my aspirations for grad school (I’m looking at you University of Utah MFA program!) and the impending birth of my first baby, and I am truly stretching every hour of my day to its limit. That said, I have realized that my blog has grown cold and stale in spite of my earlier pledge that I would not allow that happen. Lori Cole (a personal hero of mine) linked to my blog over the weekend from the Hero-U Facebook page, and I was ecstatic, but also a tad embarrassed as the post to which they linked was over 4 months old.

Fortunately, most of my personal goals intertwine with one another and I am realizing more and more the importance of keeping at this site. I have a lot of big plans for future updates including some functionality that I would like to add to the site and maybe even an official logo. But, I would like to hear what my readers would like to see more of. I have realized that I can’t possibly remain on the cutting edge of video game news, but I can and will voice my opinion on major happenings in the gaming world. Any ideas for future articles?

A friend of mine over at wrote an article about Super geeks that I have considered a great deal over the past few weeks. She talked about the individuals who find the time to play seemingly every major game release, watch every episode of [insert awesome SciFi TV series title here] , and still play D&D with their buddies on weekends and questioned where they found the time. If there are any super geeks looking at this page, I’d really like to know the answer.

Finally, you might have noticed that I said I had a baby on the way. My wife and I struggled to conceive a child for over two years before a doctor confirmed that it just wasn’t going to happen without medical assistance. We turned to Dr. Foulk over at the Utah Fertility Center who truly worked up a medical miracle for us. More on that later.

Sound off in the comment section below about what you would like to see written!

6 thoughts on “Incoming Posts and Strategy

  1. Solid Snake

    More gaming talk like, “Man XCOM is awesome” or “Finally that damn Omega DLC is coming out.” Just saying man, just saying….

    1. Ashton Post author

      Man, you are so right. Such a wasted post. I haven’t played XCOM, but I’ve heard it’s great. What did you end up thinking about Leviathan?

      1. Solid Snake

        Leviathan would have been a lot better if it was released at launch (and not as a DLC). Got a feeling I’ll feel the same about Omega (unless it’s huge, it better be HUGE). Still these DLC’s aren’t as great as the could be because they do absolutely nothing about the game’s ending (still haven’t seen the extended cut yet).

        1. Ashton Post author

          The extended cut was nice, but not game-changing. I really wanted to download Leviathan, but I figured I could wait until it went on sale with the other planned DLC so I could start over from the beginning and play with them. I totally agree with you, though. The contributions the DLC add to the story are made moot by the fact that they carry no impact into the final sequence of the game. On the other hand, it’s always nice to have an excuse for more Mass Effect.

          1. Solid Snake

            Any thoughts on Mass Effect 4? I don’t really know what they can do since Shepherd is done and they said they won’t do the “anonymous soldier” routine. The could maybe do a prequel and use Anderson or Saren, but that won’t be fun cuz you have no creativity. I don’t know, seems like Mass Effect might be better off dead……

          2. Ashton Post author

            Well, when Bioware made the first ME, they were still an independent studio who rarely ever made sequels to their own games (Baldur’s Gate 2 is the only one that comes to mind), so I was a little surprised when they first announced that ME was being developed as a trilogy. Since EA took over, though, Bioware’s all about franchises (because that’s what EA does) and I would not be surprised if they carried ME forward without Shepherd.

            If they did make a ME4, I would hope that it was set decades after ME3, and that it allowed you to customize a brand new character. I think they could even open your choice up to multiple races which could be pretty sweet. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that you’re right and that Mass Effect is a series better left where it is.

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