Ommwriter – The Only Distraction-Free Writing Tool I Need

Back in November, introduced me to the concept of distraction-free writing tools. Traditionally, I have always composed my writing on a traditional word processor like MS Word. I quickly fell in love with the idea of writing creatively in an environment that didn’t tempt me to turn my attention elsewhere. More so, I fell in love with Ommwriter. Unfortunately, Ommwriter was exclusively available to Mac users at the time. As a dedicated gamer, I have never been able to justify the purchase of a Mac PC, so I was heartbroken.

My potential salvation was delivered by Ommwriter’s FAQ page which explained that a Windows version of the software was in development. In true core gamer fashion, I dug up every detail I could regarding the development. I wanted to know how far along the development was, what features the Windows version would include, the cost of the software, and anything else I could learn. I even wrote to Ommwriter expressing my interest and enthusiasm for the project.

My message paid off because some time later, Ommwriter invited me to beta test the software. It truly was everything I could have hoped for. Conceptually, Ommwriter is a simple word editor, hardly more powerful than Notepad. Practically, it is so much more than that. The software creates a writing environment which is built from the ground up to inspire. The minimalistic visuals, music, and sound are collectively conducive to creative writing. In fact, I won’t free write in anything else now.

Ommwriter is now available for free trial at their site. If you have any interest whatsoever in distraction-free writing environments, check them out!