Ladies and gentleman, today GOG has re-released one of, if not, my all time favorite series, Sierra’s Quest for Glory. If you’ve never played or heard of the classic adventure/RPG series, see one of my earliest articles detailing QFGIV as one of the greatest games of all time. They’re selling all 5 games for $9.99 right now, a steal when you consider how much content you’re getting between them. Combine the package with AGD Interactive’s excellent re-make of QFGII, and you’ll have well more than a weekend worth of pure, old-school gaming bliss ahead of you.


13 thoughts on “QFG on GOG

  1. Solid Snake

    I saw they were releasing that and knew you were going to blow your $10 bucks on it. Beat Mass Effect yet?

    1. Ashton Post author

      I did! I actually thought I might see you online this weekend as I was playing multiplayer, and I was excited to tell you. I loved the game, every minute of it, right up until I entered that beam to the citadel. I was actually distraught over the ending, I couldn’t sleep for hours after playing it.

      That’s not to say I won’t play it again, but that ending couldn’t have been more disappointing.

      1. Solid Snake

        I know the feeling. I just beat it again last night with my renegade Shep and it was the same thing, loving the game until that damn ending. I feel like Shepherd should still be standing at the end, regardless of what you choose. I didn’t play through 3 games for him to be martyred at the end. And the part after the credits, does that mean there’s gonna be some more mass effect? Sounds like there’s another story to tell about “The Shepherd.”

        1. Ashton Post author

          Exactly. Or, at the very least, they should have built up the idea that he was going to be martyred. As it stands, the ending feels like it came out of left-field. I mean, even in the final hours of the game, you’re making promises to your squad that you’re going to come back. You get the feeling that it’s going to be tough, but you never really doubt for a moment that Shepard’s going to make it out.

          And then they throw that Catalyst crap at you and everything you’ve done up to that point is meaningless. My buddy summed up your “choices” as something like this: despotism, extreme communism, or mass genocide. I was especially floored by the destruction of the Mass Relays and Citadel. to me, that felt like BioWare making a statement that they were not going to make another game in the series despite the epilogue.

  2. Solid Snake

    So do you have any hopes about the new “extended” ending? I for one do not. They say it should bring closure, but I just don’t see how that’s possible.

    1. Ashton Post author

      I did at first, but I’ve lost a deal of hope for it. The only way that I could see them redeeming the conclusion of the series is with a final, fourth (or even fifth) choice presented at the end of the game. One that returns control to the player and allows for a truly satisfying end. We don’t need any more closure than was already presented, we need an entirely different ending. I think it would be especially cool if they added a new ending that required some additional effort to unlock. I imagine having to play a NG+ and getting 100% galactic readiness, or something.

  3. Solid Snake

    Well I have one more Shepherd to beat the game with and I’m going to wait until the updated ending comes out to start the game with him. I feel so disappointed about how this crap ended and feel lost because for the past 2 games I’ve been looking forward to the next saga and now there is nothing left. Man this must be what it feels like when you stop using drugs.

    1. Ashton Post author

      It’s funny that you say that because a friend of mine asked if I would ever play Mass Effect again after the ending. I told her that I would definitely play it again, it’s one of my all-time favorite series, but I’ll never have the same sense of hope and anticipation that I had before. One might argue that the feeling is lost simply because the series is over, but that’s not the case here. The feeling’s gone because I know that no matter what I do, what decisions I make, I’m always going to end up feeling let down at the conclusion.

      1. Solid Snake

        So the new DLC comes out this week. You gonna dust off the game and see the “extended ending” or you just gonna leave things the way they were? I might check it out, but I’m playing Max Payne 3 right now (not too bad, but I’m glad I GameFly’d it).

        1. Ashton Post author

          I’ve wondered about Max Payne. I played the first two, but this most recent one hasn’t really appealed to me all that much. I’ll definitely load up a game of ME3 once the extended cut is released if for no other reason than to see what BioWare constitutes as closure. In spite of the ending, I liked the game a lot, so it’ll be fun to play some more of it. You?

          1. Solid Snake

            I still have my Paragon Shepard from ME1 to beat the game with so I’ll be booting it back up. Curious to see what they have done (it’s supposed to be almost 2 GB) but I ain’t getting my hopes up.

          2. Ashton Post author

            Did you hear the rumors flying around that the Extended Cut actually does allow for a fourth ending choice?

  4. Solid Snake

    Been trying to not look at any of those stories.Just like how I didn’t read anything about the original endings and saw the garbage myself. Last time I was that disappointed is when Meryl and Snake didn’t work out and she married Johnny “Pantshitter” in MGS4.

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