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The Married Life – The Best Christmas Ever

I’ve had some good Christmases in my time, there’s no doubt about that.  One year, I woke up to find a brand new Xbox and a copy of Halo: Combat Evolved that would quite literally be the catalyst for one of the most major changes in my life (more on that later).  Another, I received not one, but two beautiful, red, leather bound copies of Tolkien’s classic The Lord of the Rings.  I was thrilled! Even more so after I exchanged one for an equally beautiful copy of The Hobbit.  An earlier Christmas left me the proud owner of Sega’s 32-bit Saturn.  None of them, however, were quite so spectacular as this one.

My 6 year old Alienware that I once touted as the greatest computer ever built bit the dust a few months back.  I was able to boot her up one last time in order to make a backup of all my data and that was it, my PC was dead.  I’m quite certain that there was a motherboard failure, nothing too serious, but it wasn’t worth sinking the time and effort into tracking down a replacement.  The once great gaming PC was incapable of playing the latest games on even the most pitiful settings.  Instead, I set my mind on radical overhaul.  My wife and I decided that we’d start saving some money and that, hopefully, in a year or two, I could build a new machine.  To bide my time, I took to building dream machines on Newegg in the form of wishlists.

Little did I know, my wife had been saving up her tips from work over the last 8 months to deliver me the best Christmas surprise of my life.  The second I tore the silvery paper from my brand new mother board, I knew she had spoiled me rotten.  The processor, hard drive, RAM, and video card (well, Christmas cash for one – it was sold out) that proceeded only confirmed my suspicion that I had been completely outdone this year.  My wife had “hacked” my Newegg account and purchased every item on my wishlist.

My wife had never before ventured so far into the tech jungle.  In addition to the new PC, I found lightsaber chopsticks, gamer grub, Mario themed candy, and a whole assortment of geeky treats and trinkets.   Jamie had left her comfort zone entirely, and herein lies the most incredible Christmas gift of all.  What made this Christmas the best in my life wasn’t just the new computer.  It was my wife’s demonstration of how she truly wanted to make me happy.  The fact that she loved me enough to stray entirely away from her interests to deliver a gift that was wholly selfless is something that I’ll never forget.

It also means I have my work cut out for me next year.